Cremated Remains

On most occasions cremated remains are scattered in the garden of remembrance at the local crematorium. At our local crematorium there is an indexing system so that the exact location of the cremated remains can be recorded. The only form of memorial at Portchester Crematorium is the ‘Book of Remembrance’. If requested, the crematorium will send you details about the ‘Book’ and how to place details.

Many Cemeteries and Churchyards have cremation plots. These require that the cremated remains are placed in a casket, which we can provide. A small stone is usually placed on the plot after the interment.

Next door to Portchester Crematorium there is a new memorial garden which opened in summer 2002. This garden allows more variety of memorials, and also the cremated remains can be scattered in this garden, or a memorial can be placed with or without the cremated remains being scattered.
www.pmgardens.comĀ – Click Here

Cremated remains can also be scattered on a favourite spot (Permission should be obtained), or at sea. We can arrange both of these options. If the deceased has been in the Navy, we can arrange for the Navy to bury the ashes at sea. In this case the ashes would be placed in a special weighted casket which we provide specially for the purpose.

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