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Fareham Scout Duke of Edinbugh award, offer training and expeditions for Bronze to Gold

For Registration and general DofE and Top award enquires email Clive

For Expedition advise email Cogy

Fareham Explorer Scout & Network DofE (Duke of Edinburgh Award)

General DofE details

Explore the DofE scheme and register by accessing the information available on the Hampshire Scout website .http://www.hampshirescouting.org.uk/youth-programme/duke-of-edinburgh-award/


If you are interested in undertaking your Duke of Edinburgh Award you need to at least be an Explorer and in year 9 to register for Bronze, Year 10 to register for Silver and aged 16 to register for Gold.

  1. If you are interested in completing your Bronze, Silver or Gold with us, could you please:

  • complete the Hampshire Scout DofE registration form available at http://www.hampshirescouting.org.uk/youth-programme/duke-of-edinburgh-award/doe-registration/
  • Please Email Clive with your and a parent’s email addresses so that the DofE team can start to send you information and copy your parent in for information.
  • Let your Explorer Leader, Network or District Commissioner (as appropriate) know that you have registered to undertake a DofE award. They will then be able to support you in undertaking the further activities required to achieve the Chief Scout’s Award/Queen’s Scout Award associated with the level of DofE that you are undertaking.
  • Register on the edofe site when you receive your login and registration details.
  • Undertake your planning on the edofe system as soon as you have decided what activities you would like to do for each section. We can then ensure that you do not waste time, effort and money doing something that does not meet the DofE requirements.
  • Expeditions

  • Many of you are thinking of next summer and some expedition dates are on this page. Some additional activities, such as supported route planning evenings will also be set. All dates are compulsory for the DofE level you are planning to undertake, Cogy & Rachel will over see the Exped side Please email cogy if you have any queries about the Exped side of Top Awards & DofE.

It’s up to you

Much of the onus on completing your DofE Award falls to you. We provide a comprehensive programme for the expedition section and are available to support you in your Volunteering, Skill and Physical (and Residential at Gold) sections. Please feel free to drop us an email or ring us whenever you have a question or are unclear on something. We will also organise drop-in surgeries where you can come along to talk to us about your activities, planning, uploading evidence or anything else that you need support with. We will let you know about these by email.

DofE in Fareham

The Duke of Edinburgh (DofE) Award scheme is run by a District Team working across Explorer Scouts, Network and young Adult Leaders. Fareham East Scout Districts work in partnership with other local districts to provide a comprehensive opportunity for young people to complete the expedition section of the award at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. Hampshire Scout County also operate a Gold expedition opportunity. The DofE is an award outside of Scouting for which the Scout Association is a registered operating organisation. Achieving your DofE Award helps you to achieve most of your Chief Scout’s Awards and the Queen’s Scout Award is closely aligned to the Gold DofE.


Bronze Expedition

Training and Practice Expedition Weekend
September 2020

Bronze Assessed Expedition
Early October
Presentation Evening End October

Silver and Gold Expedition

Silver and Gold Training & Practice Expedition
Brecon Beacons
Thursday 28 May 2020 – Sunday 31 May 2020

Silver and Gold Qualifier and assessed Expedition
Area to be decided
Thursday 23- Tuesday 28 July 2020
Presentation Evening Early September

Hampshire Scouts Gold Open Gold
Expedition Training and Practice
Saturday 4 April – Friday 9 April 2020

Hampshire Scouts Gold Open Gold
Qualifier and assessed Expedition
Brecon Beacons
Thursday 27 August – Monday 31 August 2020

Book onto Hants Open Gold (Click Here)

If any of the above dates are not convenient for you, please contact us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to find you a walking expedition place with another group. 

If you wish to undertake a different type of expedition, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can assist you with finding an appropriate provider.