Things which may need returning


Any jewellery which is not remaining with the deceased will be returned to the next of kin. Clothing is usually disposed of, unless a specific request is made to keep certain items.

Any pension books, order books or giro cheques will need to be returned to the appropriate offices (DWP or Social Security). Make notes of any reference numbers before returning these in case of queries later. Passport, driving licence and any car registration documents should also be returned to the appropriate offices. Check for any library books which may need returning and any NHS equipment such as wheelchairs or walking sticks / frames.

It can be difficult to deal with all this, as well as the organization of the funeral. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, if required. If you don’t have your own Solicitor there are contacts at the rear of the book which you may find helpful. Future financial help may be required and if it is possible that you may qualify for Social Security help, then this must be discussed with the funeral director before making any arrangements. There is a freephone number at the rear of the book to enable you to do this and claim forms are available at local Benefit Offices or your local Post Office.

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