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Where do the Doctors Forms come from?

The GP or Doctor at the hospital will produce a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death which the family must take to the Registrar, unless it is sent by email. The doctor will also complete Cremation Form 4 to allow a cremation to take place.

How is the death registered?

Each death must be registered in the District where the deceased died. The death should be registered within 5 days or up to 14 days with permission.

Can the family provide their own bearers?

Yes, they can but a full set must be provided (so there is no mixing) – so either 4 or 6 as required. Discuss with your funeral director for advice.

Can the deceased be taken home beforehand?

Yes, in certain circumstances this can be arranged. Please ask your funeral director for advice.

Can we choose any music?

Any chosen music can be played at local crematoria or cemetery chapels. Most local crematoria use a music system.  We can organise out own music on an ipod and have a good quality speaker for other events.

Can we have pictures shown at the service?

Visual life tributes can be produced by us or we can arrange for a tribute of pictures to be shown at the service. These can also have music attached. A fixed picture can also be shown of your choice.

Can we view the deceased beforehand?

Yes, most deceased can be viewed in one of our Chapels of Rest, depending on the circumstances of the death. Please check with the funeral director beforehand.

Can we have donations to a charity?

Donations can be sent to a charity – an online memorial page will be set up for each deceased person and this will include details of the funeral, and also allow donations to be made directly, which may then be gift-aided. Donations can also be handed in directly on the day or made over the phone by Card.

What happens to the coffin after the Service?

The coffin remains on the catafalque until all the people have left the chapel. It is then moved to the cremator and each person is cremated independently. The remains are kept separate and identified throughout the process. 

What can I do with the cremated remains?

These can be scattered in the crematorium gardens, interred in a plot at a cemetery or churchyard. They can also be scattered in a favourite spot. See our website for more details.

Where can I place a memorial?

Memorials can be placed once any ground has settled, (usually 6 -12 months for a full burial). After an interment of cremated remains a tablet can be placed on the same day or soon after. Cemeteries and burial grounds may have certain restrictions on the type of material used, so it is always best to check with the Authority concerned.

Can I put a notice in the paper?

We can put a death notice in a newspaper of your choice, including details of the funeral and any instructions regarding flowers or donations to a charity.

How do I watch a webcast?

When a funeral is to be webcast, we obtain a link from ‘Obitus Media’. The webcast is available at the time of the funeral so it is ‘streamed’ live at the start, but we also receive a ‘download’ option for those who wish to keep a copy. The link is sent to the family. We cannot offer this service through our own website.


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